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May 20 2017

la veia de niña

la veia de niña

Masters of the Unive

Masters of the Universe

April 22 2017



December 27 2016

los simpsons arbol g

los simpsons arbol genealogico - Google Search

December 26 2016

Abraham Simpson - Gr

Abraham Simpson - Grampa Abe

She-ra, Princess of

She-ra, Princess of Power, the first "person" other than my mother I ever wanted to be like.

November 19 2016

The Gruesomes (The F

The Gruesomes (The Flintstones neighbors)

October 17 2016

Teenage Mutant Ninja

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

September 18 2016

que buen juego!!!!!!

que buen juego!!!!!!!

August 25 2016

Mazinger Z Manga

Mazinger Z Manga

Los Halcones Galácti

Los Halcones Galácticos

Sword of Omens - Thu

Sword of Omens - Thundercats

Thundercats: Thunder

Thundercats: ThunderCats

August 22 2016

Transformers G1 Rost

Transformers G1 Roster Poster. Just about every Autobot from the tv series and more.

Megatron. Transforme

Megatron. Transformers.



Transformers Autobot

Transformers Autobot Logo Poster at AllPosters.com

June 27 2016

Penelope Pussycat...

Penelope Pussycat..........Looney Tunes

June 04 2016

Infographic: These A

Infographic: These Are The Deadliest Marvel Superheroes — GeekTyrant

April 21 2016

Speedy Gonzalez a ca

Speedy Gonzalez a cartton character that was also extremely controversial because of the fact that he did not properly represent the Hispanic culture. During his show he would steal cheese and had a cousin who was an alcoholic.
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